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Raise & Move Your Home, Barn or Cottage with Pollard The Mover

Pollard The Mover provides a vast range of raising and moving services for your houses, cottages, barns, machinery, and more. Covering an area of 150 miles from the city of Kawartha Lakes, our team ensures professional workmanship and a fully insured move.

Our main moving and raising services include:

• Cottage Raising

Cottages are moved with a series of steel beams underneath. Our team works with masonry specialists to construct basements underneath the moved cottages.

• House Raising/Moving

We raise and move barns, stone/brick houses, historical houses, sheds, and more.

• Portable School Moves

• Industrial Machinery Moves

Large tools, die machines, and other heavy industrial machinery are also moved by our team.

• Float Service

We supply our floats for special moves.

• Barn Raising/Moving

• House Moving by Barge

• Special Overweight Moves

For homes or other buildings that are especially heavy, we offer special overweight moves. In the past we have moved stone houses and brick houses that have weighed up to 480 tons.

• New Foundations/Basements

• Excavations Under Buildings for New Foundations

Products We Use for Moves

To get your house, barn, or cottage moved we use fully hydraulic jacking and moving systems. A lot of our equipment is created by our team to get our jobs done right. Not all buildings are the same, and sometimes they require a more unique system to get them to their destination. Trust Pollard The Mover and his experienced team to handle your most difficult moves.

Browse our gallery to see some of our unique moves in action and to get a look at the moving systems we depend on.

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